Frequently asked questions

What Is Reader Rewards?

Reader Rewards is a free app for Smartphones that rewards you for reading your favourite magazines – it’s as simple as that!

Just head into your closest participating newsagent and select your favourite magazines from over 60 selected titles. For each magazine you purchase, you’ll earn a Reward Star. Once you have earned 5 Stars, you will be able to redeem your next magazine FREE!

Which Magazines Are Eligible For Reader Rewards?

An extensive list of over 60 participating Bauer titles are eligible for Reader Rewards Stars. We’ve got all your favourite magazines covered!

Will My Personal Information Be Sold?

No, your data will not be sold. You may from time to time receive special promotions and offers however these will be connected to the Reader Rewards loyalty program and not a third party.

Once I have earned 5 Reward Stars how do I redeem my free magazine?

Simply select the “Redeem” tab at the bottom of your phone’s screen. This will allow you to select which magazine title you would like to receive as your reward. Next, show the newsagent the magazine barcode that will appear at the top of your phone screen for them to scan it. Now scan the newsagent’s Reader Rewards Validation Card with your phone. That’s it! You are now ready to enjoy your free magazine!

How do I view my Reward Stars?

Your Reward Stars total can easily be viewed on your Reader Rewards mobile app. Just tap the "My Stars" tab to see how many Stars you have collected.

Can I update my personal details?

Yes, just click on the ‘More’ button and look for ‘My Profile’. Here you are able to update your details for each field. This will enable us to provide you with customised and relevant offers you might be interested in based on the magazines you buy.

How do I know if a newsagent is participating?

In the ‘More’ section of the app you will find a handy tool for this. ‘Find a Newsagent’ will pin point your nearest participating outlets. Also, keep an eye out for any Reader Rewards signage in store.

Can I buy more than one magazine at a time?

Yes, you can buy multiple magazines at once with just one use of the app. Simply press the ‘Multi-buy’ button in the top left corner of the Earn tab, then select all the magazines you wish to purchase at once and press ‘buy’. Then continue as per normal.

How Do I Join Reader Rewards?

Simply download the app for free from the Apple App store, or Google Play.

Do My Reward Stars Expire?

No, your Reward Stars will not expire. However, once you’ve earned 5 Reward Stars and are entitled to your free magazine, you have 45 days to head to your local newsagent to redeem your free magazine.

How Does Reader Rewards Work?

1. Download the Reader Rewards app to your Smartphone. When you sign in you will receive your first FREE magazine! 

2. Head to your closest participating newsagent to redeem your magazine. To find your local store, simply visit the “Find a Newsagent” tab in the app.

3. Select the 'REDEEM' tab to select the magazine you would like to redeem and head to your newsagent counter.

4. Ask your newsagent if you can scan their store Validation Card with your phone. Take your free magazine!

5. Next time you purchase a magazine, select the ‘EARN’ tab to select the magazine/s you’re buying and head to your Newsagent counter.

6. Ask your newsagent if you can scan their store Validation Card with your phone.

7. Proceed with the purchase of your magazine/s as normal.

8. You will receive a Reward Star for each eligible magazine purchased. These Stars will be added to your Reader Rewards account.

9. Once you have earned 5 Reward Stars, your next magazine is free! 

Do all magazines have the same star value?

Yes, every magazine title is worth 1 star, regardless of the price of the magazine. Some promotions will mean you receive extra stars when you purchase.

Can I log into Reader Rewards on multiple devices at the same time?

Your Reader Rewards account is unique to you and your phone. You can share an account across 2 devices, but you will have to re-login each time the other device uses the account.

Do I get rewarded even if I buy my mags from different newsagents?

Yes, as long as the stores are participating Reader Rewards outlets they will all count towards your free mag.

Can I buy a variety of titles and then redeem something completely different?

Yes, with such a great variety available to choose from we encourage this. Why not use your free mag to try something completely new?